Steel door Wiśniowski

Wiśniowski steel doors are products of the highest quality. They combine the best properties of steel doors: a solid, durable and stable structure, the highest level of safety and reliability with a modern character that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Exterior doors combining great technical parameters with great arrangement possibilities.

The door collection includes 39 patterns, with the possibility of making in a wide range of RAL mat structure colors, decors and wood-like veneers. The structure of the NOVA door is made of an aluminum frame with a 77 mm thick thermal break. The door leaf is made of steel sheet, filled with a plate of extruded PU foam and a package of triple glazing.

The standard equipment includes a three-point automatic lock, which guarantees water and wind tightness. The entrance door has a high parameter of water resistance, which allows the NOVA door to be installed even in unroofed places, without worrying about their durability. The doors have a wide range of handles and handles made of stainless steel or in black.