Aluprof MB-Slimline

Window system with thermal break MB-Slimline with high thermal insulation, is used to perform various types of windows inward opening (turn, tilt, turn-tilt) and the fixed which are characterized by, along with a prime thermal insulation, a very good acoustic insulation, as well as water and air tightness, and high durability of the construction.

The window MB-Slimline, thanks to a very small width of aluminum profiles visible from the outside of the structure, allows the construction of windows in two variants – with visible or invisible profiles (SG) from the outside of the construction.

Appearance of fixed fields and opening ones, in the case of the use of invisible wings, is therefore almost the same. The system may also replace the old type huge windows made of steel, and provide similar appearance viewed from the outer side of the construction, while considerably increasing the thermal insulation of a partition.